We, Tak Po Air-Conditioning were established in spring 1989 around twenty years ago. Since the very beginning, we have dedicated to secure the finest air-conditioning products and services to our customers. We insist our business philosophy of “We treasure integrity and pursue win-win.” to develop our air conditioning profession. Our knowledgeable engineering staff, superior customer service and industry leading product lines make Tak Po meet virtually every aspect of the needs of our clients. With the help and guidance of industry seniors and effort of our colleagues, over these years, we are proud to be recognized as one of the best-known companies in Hong Kong providing entire range of air-conditioning services with the establishment of divisions of Sales and Distribution, Retail Outlet, Maintenance & Repairs, Installation & Services. We improve and combine all those services to become “Through-Train Services”.

Tak Po is the only few companies in Hong Kong which is able to provide the “Through-Train Services” to the customers. We pride ourselves to ensure high profession, good human resources arrangement, cost-effective and customer oriented entire range air conditioning services in Hong Kong.

Going forward, to achieve our mission of “professionalism, safety and environmentally friendly”. Our aims are to let mature customers with confidence of purchasing and good living conditions.

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